Wednesday, 12 November 2014

72. Hair everywhere

Now that we are on the subject of hair, here's a conundrum.

There is hair everywhere. 

There has always been hair everywhere, but now that it's not on my head, I sort of feel that it ought not to be anywhere else either. Not on my towel or on my jacket. Not on my desk or in the shower. Certainly not in my hat or my soup. Yet I find hair in all these places.

There has always been hair in all these places, but ignoring the long blonde ones (daughter) and the short multicoloured ones (cat), I always assumed that they were mine. It seems, however, that I have in fact been completely innocent of shedding. Clearly, other people's hair is capable of travelling through space and attach itself to me.

So now you know. You heard it here first.

That hair on your coat/plate/pillow? It's not yours.

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