Friday, 12 December 2014

83. The Night Owls

OK everyone, the deed is done. I have signed up to do the MoonWalk.

And it's not just me: there is a team of us. Seven so far. We are called The Night Owls.

Because not everyone in the team will need to stop at half a marathon, and because we all want to set off together, we have decided that we'll all sign up to walk the full marathon (on the understanding that some of us may need to be picked up off the London pavements halfway through the night).

It seems madness right now. I've walked 1 mile this morning; it is now evening time, and I'm still recovering. But I can't tell you how exciting it is to think that in five months' time I might, just might, be able to walk 26 miles. Yes, I'm currently a bit of a wreck and I've still got a full course of radiotherapy to get through, but after that I am determined to start getting my strength and stamina back.

So now you have a choice: you can either sponsor the team, or join the team.

The more the merrier - you are very welcome to become a Night Owl, even if I don't know you!

To sponsor, simply get in touch with me (or any other Night Owl, if you know who they are - we are raising funds as a team, rather than as individuals) and pledge any amount of money to support various breast cancer causes.

To join, go to the WalkTheWalk website (click here) and sign up. Places are limited and I'm not sure how quickly they fill up, so once you have made up your mind to join, best to do so at once. (Do let me know if you've joined the team.)

To ensure that you are given the same starting time as the rest of the team, you will need to fill in exactly the same team name (The Night Owls) as well as the same finishing time, which is 8+ hours. Gentlemen, be warned: you will also have to fill in your bra size, as they will send you your very own brassiere to decorate and wear through the night (so why not go for the largest possible cup... to be turned into lovely oversized owls!)

Right, now all I have to do is sit back and wait for The Night Owl Team to grow, and the sponsorship money to roll in... Oh, and get my walking shoes warmed up. I'll get Owl on to the job.

Night Owl, warming up my walking shoes...

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