Thursday, 9 April 2015

113. Owl makes an entry

ONE YEAR AGO... following my diary entry a couple of days ago, when I started dreaming up titles of my-cancer-story-turned-book.

9 April 2014

No, not How To Be A Cancer Patient after all, but When Owl Had Cancer

Here's why. Time to tell the story of Owl...

[Which I've already done, so I won't repeat it again. If you want to follow the story properly, you could read this blog post - it's an almost verbatim transcription of that diary entry. It describes how Owl came about, as well as the MRI scan I had on that day. The diary entry ends thus...]

One day, who knows, I may tell Owl's story publicly. At least I've got his photograph and his MRI scan certificate to show for it.

Well, now we know. His story has indeed been told. Publicly.

MRI scan with Owl, 9th April 2014.
What strikes me now about this photograph is how you really cannot tell that I've had a rather turbulent week...
Which makes me wonder about all those people we meet in hospitals, on the tube, in the shops.
What do we ever really know about someone else's life??

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