Sunday, 17 May 2015

127. Across the finishing line

I've done it!!!

And so have 12 other Night Owls. (The 13th never meant to walk the whole way and managed a good 15 miles).

Incredible. I am so, so proud of them all... and so happy that I've managed to walk 26+ miles... and amazed at the £5,000 our team has raised so far, with more money still coming in. (THANK YOU! If you meant to donate but haven't got round to it, click here.)

We set off just after midnight and crossed the finishing line at 10.45am.

I am nursing my aching bones and blisters, so it's back to the sofa. I'll tell you the full story tomorrow.

For now, let me show you the first triumphant pictures.

The Night Owls Team, ready for the off!

Waiting to start

Photo opportunity at 5 miles

One of many brief recuperations

Almost there...

Made it!

Almost 60,000 steps: medal deserved, I think

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