130. The Moonwalk... what next?!

The official photos have arrived in my inbox. Here they are.

The Night Owls Team

The finishing line

Well deserved medals!

Were we mad? I think so. Plus, I am concerned that taking part of this was the first symptom of a new affliction. The day after the walk, as I was resting in bed with pleasantly aching limbs and a large number of blisters, I found myself browsing the website for the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse, or the Nijmegen Marches.

This is worrying. The Nijmegen Marches (in the Netherlands) involves walking four marathons in four days. It's a huge event which has been in my consciousness since childhood, as there are always news reports about the weather and the number of walkers dropping out each day. (We're talking thousands here. Dropouts that is, not walkers. Over 40,000 people take part each year.)

The Moonwalk organisers also send teams to take part in this annual event. This does sound completely bonkers, but let me own up: I loved the walking. I miss the motivation to train for a ridiculous event like the Moonwalk. So, I've registered interest in the 2016 marches...

Anyone else...????

Let me make it clear that this is no longer part of a recovery plan. In the summer of 2016, I will have recovered. This is just, oh, a new hobby perhaps?

Let me hope that by 2016, I will have recovered from this new ailment. Because honestly, who would want to suffer four days of crowds, blisters and near-collapse in the Dutch summer heat?