155. The sewing solution to feeling sad

Apologies. I promised you a week off from this blog, yet here I am again.

I thought I'd tell you about my YoYo day.

Up: Mornings are always good, as no energy has yet been spent so there's a promise of it stretching further than yesterday. The sun is shining. Let's get out of my slouchy outfits and into one of my lovely summer dresses. I even reach for my earrings. Definitely up.

Down: Last year's new dress, barely worn and perfect for a day like this, no longer fits. With nothing to filll it, the top half looks ridiculous. So do various other favourite dresses. Reach for the chocolate that a friend sent me in the post yesterday (thank you - tiny up in my down moment) and watch yet another episode of Sewing Bee. 

Up: Only 1 Sewing Bee episode, and I think I have enough energy to head for the sewing machine. I started making a dress the day before my mastectomy (yes, I know, but I'd finished all my work and still had a day's waiting to do, so I needed a project to take my mind off it). There wasn't much left to sew, but every time I've tried in the past week, I had to give up after just a few rows of stitching. Now the sun is shining into the room, the fabric feels nice & soft & cheerful, and I think I can finish this now.

Down: Did shed a few tears over that sewing. For all my positivity and optimism, this is a bumpy road.

Up-Up-Up: Tadaa!

1 new dress for Easter 2022

It somehow brings my mother to mind, in a good way. She had little money but lots of oomph, and used to sew three matching new Easter outfits for her three daughters. Thank you Mam, for giving me the skills to make my very own new Easter dress.
3 little dresses made for Easter 1969.
I think Mam used a couple of old towels for fabric.